It is common knowledge that obesity is bad is for your overall health and adversely affects the body’s functionality. Another lesser known problem is that brains of overweight people begin to shrink as they age.

Many people want to lose weight, so they diet. Depending on the method of dieting to achieve this weight loss, there can be a negative impact on the body. But what people do not consider is what happens to the brain.23fgtgbtrfe

Dieting and the brain

Most weight loss plans advise you to minimize and monitor your daily calorie intake. This may be work to shed those pounds. The bad news is that there the brain is also impacted.

Changes occur both in the body’s metabolism and in the chemical structures of certain parts of your brain with limited or no calories intake. Your body thinks it is starving and kicks into survival mode. Fat will begin to be automatically stored by cells, and your brain begins to alter hormones. Levels of hormones controlling self-control and suppression are lowered while those affecting appetite stimulation increase.

In other words, you will feel hungrier, and your mind will experience food cravings more intensely. Tempting foods will now be even more delicious and harder to resist. The result is that your weight will yo-yo and you will inevitably gain the weight loss back.

If you starve yourself and your body doesn’t get the substance it needs, a very scary effect of weight loss on your brain is that your brain cells will start consuming each other.

The brain and diet pills

qwdferbgveThere have been many dieting pills introduced into the market that promise to aid the dieter in their plight. With time, a large amount of these are withdrawn as long term side effects begin to stream in. Some of these have included the increase of stroke and heart attack risk.

Many of these drugs are designed to directly affect the brain by suppressing or blocking off certain chemicals brain. These are dopamine and serotonin which is what produces a pleasure sensation in our brains such as eating a particularly sweet and yummy snack or is produced by chocolate. It is also what makes you feel the emotion of being in love. These chemical reactions in the brain are vital for some vital functions of our bodies.

When these pills are taken and target the brain by controlling those chemicals, it will obviously affect your emotional well-being. Users of these diet pills become more prone to depression and experience increased thoughts of suicide. The only cure is specialized psychological treatments and often more drugs to correct the chemical imbalance.