The escort industry has come of age despite being in existence for a very long time. These days the escort serves do not only surround erotic encounters but have been expanded to include other exciting romantic upgrades. This differentiation has set up the market with variety giving clients a wide berth of freedom to choose their preferred category of escorts. Escorts have also become very sophisticated and operate either independently or under an agency becoming very hard to generalize since these escorts offer completely different services. The London Escort Agency has different types of escorts. However, despite the escorts’ personalities and differences in age and appearances, they fall into different distinct categories or types. The following are the most common types of escorts;


The schoolgirl

hhjjjppllkkmmnThis type of escorts does not necessarily mean that they are school attending rather than grown- ups who are young, exciting age and above 18 years of age. The schoolgirl escort employs a naïve and submissive coy. She appears as an innocent companion who expects the client to take charge and have the freedom to take the lead. However, despite her composure, she is no push over and avoids compromising sweet talks that involve freebies or discounts. She is an exceptional romancer who nurtures the typical girlfriend experience.

The cougar

This type of escort portrays a mature woman who is ready and willing to have a real time. From her physique, one can tell that she is quite experienced, takes control of the prevailing situation and talks straight from her thoughts. The cougar is self-assured and reflects a high level of confidence in her tastes and engagements.

The girl next door

This category reflects a laid back kind of a girl with an active influential feminine style. The escort can ease every situation while remaining bubbly and enthusiastic. The escort in this category is very accommodating, flexible and has enough time to spend.

The dominatrix

This type reflects a “miss independent” character that is not limited by their age, appearance or ethnicity but is set apart due to their dominating attitudes. She embraces a fierce, no-nonsense style and is dominantly in control of almost everything and commands on what is to be done. Her confidence levels can be intimidating or aggressive.


hghghghghhMoney drives this category of escorts. She will equate almost everything to its monetary value. Besides being out to have fun, she will always want to be high of status. She is quite demanding and wants to be always pampered with goodies and prefers high-end spots, designer clothing, and accessories. She knows her way around the wealthy circles.
However, be advised that there are very many categories and styles hence it was difficult to box escorts into just one category.

Different Categories Of Escorts
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