At the dawn of 2007, Dr. Fang founded Hifiman which majorly deals with the production of high-end headphones and audio players. The company is well known all over the world for the manufacture of high-end audio accessories that cannot be matched with any other. One of the latest technologies their engineers have embraced is the planar magnetic headphones. So, the one million dollar question is, how does it work and what makes it so special. This article will explain more about this technology.

The planar magnetic headphones by Hifiman

What are planar magnetic drivers

Well, understanding this concept may be a bit technical for a layman. All in all, I will try to explain in simple terms. Magnetic waves move the diaphragm of the audio devices like headphones for sound output. The planar magnetic drivers is a combination of dynamic and electrostatic drivers which are also used for similar functions. The planar technology uses magnetic fields which make the diaphragm move when a created current moves through a conductor. Smart innovation indeed since the diaphragm is usually very thin.


Application of planar magnetic by Hifiman

Most of the companies headphones make use of planar magnetic technology drivers. This is an evolution from the old dynamic technology drivers. Some of the headphones that use the technology include:

Hifiman HE 1000 – so far the most sophisticated planar magnetic headphones from Hifiman. They are perfect for streaming of live music and boasts of having a diaphram size of a nanometer. Very thin indeed. As much as this headphone is far too expensive, it offers good value for money.

Hifiman Edition X v2 – Yet another great set of headphone using the planar magnetic drivers to drive the world crazy with the amazing quality of music. Like the big brother HE 1000, this set is also on the higher side. It’s compatible with both Smartphone and other audio devices alike.

Benefits of planar magnetic technology

dfsdfsdfdsfsdfAccording to an interview with Hifiman director Dr. Fan, planar magnetic drivers produces sound quality far much better than the electrostatic drivers which expensive limiting in output. Thus the planar magnetic technology offers the best solution at a lower cost.


Hifiman has been highly rated despite being one of the youngest in the headphone and audion industry. Any quality music fan will cherish any their headphones from the lowest to the highest. You can buy their products online through recommended websites.

The Planar Magnetic Headphones By Hifiman
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