Are you asking yourself how you will manage to play you favorite games because they require high processing power and special graphics that most available laptops don’t have? Worry not. WHY? Every puzzle has a solution, and for sure, a solution to your gaming laptop is knocking your door.

The solution is to invest in gaming laptops. What I need from you is to think it as a portable gaming solution and for sure you have video graphics and a powerful processor in a package that’s easier to carry with you. The purpose of this article is to give you gaming laptop buying guide.

Important factors to be considered

1. Price tag

Some gaming laptops may be expensive, especially if you end up checking everything on the options checklist. Of course, the purchasing power depends on your financial budget.

2. Size and weight of the gaming laptop

wefghytnrbterThis is the matter of personal preferences. You need to consider gaming laptop that ranges from 15″ models. This is ideal for carrying around to 18″ models which offer the largest screens for clear visibility and has the best video graphics cards. Laptops are often regarded to by their screen sizes. However, keep in mind how often you plan on carrying around your gaming laptop before choosing a size. What am I trying to deduce? Simple, consider its weight too.

3. Graphics

Companies such as ATI and nVidia manufacture gaming laptops with high graphic solutions. This brings out the best in video game graphics. To your benefits, gaming laptops have “dedicated” graphics cards that are connected to the laptop’s motherboard through slots. The graphics cards come with faster memory chips, and they do not have to rely on the computer’s memory capacity. This makes them perform faster and better than integrated graphics solutions.

4. Processing power

This is a big concern when it comes to the selection of gaming laptops. Processing power is a necessity for strong command handling in order to play the latest games at the fastest settings. Processors such as mobile core i7 or Intel’s Core 2 Extreme and Mobile Core i7 are best designs for gamers.

5. Memory capacity

wergthytrtegrwWhen it comes to system memory, some gaming laptops are able to accommodate up to 8GB of system memory while others can only use 6.8GB.Most companies will supply their gaming laptops with 2GB of RAM with upgrading options.

When looking for gaming laptops, you can easily be swayed to choosing the wrong one. The gaming laptop buying guide above will help you in solving your problems and offer you with the best advice when shopping.

Factors to Consider When Buying Gaming Laptops