Working in an environment where alcoholic beverages are served on a regular basis can be a delicate business. This mainly stems from the fact that the clientele can consist of individuals who crave for more drinks despite being already intoxicated, as well as those who have drinking problems.

RSA Training courses

22jgrjoThat is why we have a plethora of courses that focus on training bartenders and other employees who work in this business. RSA training and certification training courses are nationally recognized courses that can also be taken online. This is especially important for those who do not have centers that hold RSA courses.

The courses themselves are rather short and, if taken online, can be completed in a matter of hours. When attending online courses, trainees can save their progress and resume it later on. Payments are usually made once the final tests are successfully finished, in which case an RSA certificate is sent to the trainee via email. While the prices of RSA training courses are highly affordable, there are some sites that offer lower fees than others, so as to attract more candidates and offer them an incentive to complete their training.

Course basics

RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) is a course that all those interested in working in the hospitality sector should attend and finish. The main goal of the course is to educate the candidates on how to properly and responsibly serve alcoholic beverages, while at the same time protecting their customers from the risks of excessive alcohol consumption. Throughout the course, the candidates will learn about various negative effects of alcohol and how it can affect the human organism. By controlling their customers and their intake of alcoholic beverages, current or future bartenders can indirectly impact and reduce the number of vehicle accidents caused by DUIs.

Proper implementation of laws

Aside from teaching the candidates about the negative effects of alcohol, RSA courses also teach them about the laws that are concerned with alcohol and how proper implementation of those laws can help both them and the customers. Those serving drinks in hotels, restaurants, bars and casinos can easily end up at the receiving end of drunken brawls. Since almost all of these incidents are started by intoxicated customers, it is up to the employees of a certain establishment to control and contain the situation.

According to the current law, alcohol service licensees are not allowed to let their employees serve alcoholic beverages in their premises unless they have undertaken and finished an official RSA course. The employees must be enrolled in an official RSA course at least three months prior from being employed. The law also covers those who are currently pursuing an RSA training course, as well as those who have been employed by the licensee for more than three months.

How can the trainees benefit?

33ijtiputOnce they successful complete their training courses and obtain RSA certificates, the candidates will know who they can refuse services and which customers they are prohibited from serving alcoholic beverages. They will also learn the methods of accurately determining whether an individual is intoxicated or not, as well as the methods of containing potentially dangerous situations, that may arise from drunken conflicts as well as those who are refused the service. Once armed with this knowledge, bartenders and other employees will be capable of ensuring a peaceful ambiance, ensuring the safety of customers and their safety.

RSA Training Courses And Their Importance
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